ABIM-Classic 144 Exclusive Twin (14,40m)

The ABIM-Classic 144 Exclusive Twin is very luxurious steel motor yacht, with a classic bow and a length of 14.40 meters, the designation “Twin” stands for 2 engines.

With this 144 Exclusive, ABIM continues its way into the world of motor yachts that are suitable for boating on large waters. The second engine provides extra security on strongly flowing rivers and large water and is an extra aid when manoeuvring.

Boating with this extremely comfortable ABIM-Classic Exclusive 144 Twin is an experience that you will not soon forget, so that comfort and safety are also assured on large water.

In the stern is the (large) master bedroom, with separate shower and toilet. In the bow a spacious cabin with a double bed, also equipped with toilet and shower room. The very comfortable luxury salon and the spacious modern kitchen complement the interior. Everything is finished to the highest standards in beautifully matched woods.

The ABIM-Classic 144 Exclusive is built completely custom-made, a way of building in which the wishes of the customer are central.

Photo impression